November 1, 2016

Our DLT-19s are back!!

Since this blaster is very popular, we decided to keep this an open run. We are starting to build these again January 1, 2017.

We are currently taking a list of names. If you would like to be on the list, simply send your full name and address from our contact page or email it to us at: info@diamondstateprops.com.

They are $350 USD plus shipping. I would be more than happy to give you a tentative shipping cost.

No deposit needed! We will contact you back when it’s ready to ship to do the transaction.

There is no obligation, so if you change your mind at any time up to when it’s about to ship, or if you want off the list, just let us know.

We will not have an official delivery date. We plan on building at least 5 per week and will just go down the list.

As far as other blasters, there will be runs announced.

Please understand that we are just two regular guys, (501st members) doing this venture. We are not Amazon. We both have other obligations like families, jobs, trooping, and other life events. Things happen – family situations, health issues, and other things that may and will delay builds from time to time.

Upcoming new blaster run:

By Christmas 2016 we will be building a new prototype that I absolutely know a lot of you will want, or know someone that will. We’ve been asked numerous times for it, especially because it’s hard to find. Stay tuned for the announcement, and to get on the list. All we can say now is it’s big, and it’s bad-ass! That is all.

Custom jobs:

Sure, we can do a custom job for you. We’ve done a bunch in the past including a Clone Backpack and the CR-2 heavy blaster pistol used in The Phantom Menace. However, will only take on 2 custom jobs at a time which will be listed on our website. No more, no less. Remember, we work full time jobs and this is a hobby. Custom jobs we do need a half deposit to start though.

– – – – –

Any questions, you can contact me anytime. I usually can get back to you pretty quickly, however please allow me up to 24 hours. Thank you very much for your kind support. We love making cool stuff for you!

Chad & Joe
Diamond State Props