Final run of our iconic DLT-19 AND DLT-19X! Never to be made again! Only 20 available, first come, first served, get yours now!!

We have decided to do one last run of 20, DLT-19s and DLT-19Xs due to multiple requests.

For those of you who don’t know, ours are hand-made, durable, extremely detailed, and the perfect weight for troops. (just under 5 lbs.) These are NOT 3D prints. They are solid polyvinyl, aluminum and some cast pieces that are made for the long haul. This is our bread and butter.

These come delivered primed, not painted or weathered. We are not offering that service for this run. When your blaster is delivered, it will just need a light sanding, and then spray paint.

After this run, we are closing shop. Joe has moved on to new projects and Chad has joined Joe McCullough to help run Head Shot Props.

Note: The video below shows the OLD scope. If you are ordering a DLT-19X, the scope will be the one from Battlefront… very BIG. The regular DLT-19 does not include a scope. See notes below.



$175 half deposit to claim a spot • $350 USD total plus shipping

Once your item is ready to ship, we will email an invoice for the balance. Shipping is roughly between $20-$40 depending where you live in the U.S. International shipping, please contact us for a shipping quote if you haven’t done so already. No refunds on deposits whatsoever.

Estimate Delivery: End of March or Beginning of April (we are only 2 guys hand building each blaster)


DLT-19: (includes bipod, full t-track around shroud, no scope – for stormtroopers, sandtroopers, shock troopers, heavy weapon troopers and the like)


DLT-19X: (no bipod, 2 strips of t-track at top of shroud, large scope – for Inferno Squad, Scout Troopers, Special Ops and the like)


Length: 48 inches (assembled) • Width: 4 inches • Height: 7.5 inches • Weight: almost 5 lbs.